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Sustainable / Responsible Tourism



Is to be a hotel that offers high quality service and bring a positive benefit to the society in which we operate in through, economic growth, environmental protection, community involvement and employment.


We understand the impact our hotel has on the natural environment. The core values of the Senegambia Beach Hotel include our commitment to conserve resources, preserve natural habitats and prevent pollution, to minimize any detrimental effects as a result of our business and to support the community around in which we work and live.

In order to understand how we can reduce the negative impact on the environment, we will monitor performance and aim for continued improvement by reducing and recycling in areas such as energy & water consumption per guest night during 2011 / 2012 winter season and will set targets around a reduction program for 2012 / 2013 ..

In delivering and complementing this environmental objective we will in line with the Gambia’s Responsible Tourism Policy:

 Comply with all applicable environmental laws, statutes, and regulations
 Form a GREEN TEAM in-house.
 Develop green programs within the Senegambia strip like outdoor clean ups & planting of trees
 Develop innovative programs that will identify areas where a reduction in water and energy reduction opportunities can be made but also maintaining the quality of service expected by our guests.
 Invest in renewable energy by the installation and maintenance of solar panels for hot water 
 Through our active environmental team or “GREEN TEAM” we will ensure that our efforts are continually reviewed, updated and communicated to all staff and guest.

By working together we can contribute to making a cleaner and safer environment and ensure environmental issues remain a focal point and receive proper attention. We will then consult with the relevant stakeholders to identify how best the hotel can make a positive contribution.

To compliment the socio-economic objectives we will: 
 Source products from local suppliers wherever possible as well as locally produced food & drinks.
 Promotes cultural entertainment to customers.
 Support & provide local producers with access to tourists(i.e.: display craft market items on premises)

To achieve this, the Senegambia Beach Hotel is committed to:
 The application and adherence to all recommendations put forward by the GREEN TEAM.
 Implement periodical sensitization programs and campaigns for staff and guests alike
 Continually improve our environmental management system and performance


The General Manager will take it upon himself to ensure that the policy is reviewed annually by a third party to check compliance and new targets set, to reflect the values of the hotel and its guests. Every employee and every contractor on the premises is expected to follow this policy and to report any sustainability concern to the Senegambia Beach Hotel Managers who are expected to take prompt action.

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